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  Alana’s Solid Lotion Skin Repair is extremely effective for

 Relieving: Dry Itchy Skin, Eczema, Rashes, Blisters, Cuts, Psoriasis,                      Tattoos, Plant Irritations, Chaffing, Sunburns, Burns, Bug Bites

     Healing:    Cracked Feet, Fingers, Knees, Scars, Elbows, LIPS & more

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Alana's Alaskan Skin Care

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Me No Rash-Solid Lotion Skin Repair Boo Boo No - Solid Lotion Skin Repair Bug Me No - Lotion

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2 oz. travel size….

  Alana’s unique products are a lotion in solid form…..

  Using only five of the purest All Natural ingredients

Beeswax, Shea butter, Coconut oil, Olive oil & Avocado oil

Hand poured and labeled

LIPS Intensive Repair

Original Lotion Bars

Tins Containers

Roll-up Containers

Alana's Solid Lotion Skin Repair Bar Tins Alana's Solid Lotion Skin Repair Bar


Solid Lotion

                Alana’s Equinelove

             Natural Healing Balm

  Soothes and Heals Cuts, Infections, Bug Bites

  Dry Itchy Patches, Sunburns, Doggie Noses,

  Cracked Pads & Elbows, Warts, Rain Rot, Dry   Hoof Walls, Topical Injuries, Fungus, etc….

Alana's Equinelove Natural Healing Balm Alana’s Equinelove


Pets & Barnyard

 Travel size

Primulata - Face Cream Primulata - Body Lotion 8 oz.

think positive

Primulata Body Lotion & Face Cream

Primulata Face Cream

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Alana's Alaskan Skin Care Logo Alana's Alaskan Skin Care Alana's Solid Lotion Skin Repair  Large Roll-up Tubes Solid Lotion Skin Repair Travel size Think Positive Shampoo "Cilantro Citrus" 2 oz. Think Positive Conditioner "Cilantro Citrus" 2 oz. Think Positive Conditioner "Cilantro Citrus" 8 oz. Think Positive Shampoo "Cilantro Citrus" 8 oz. Primulata - Body Lotion 2 oz.


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