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Alana’s Alaskan Solid Lotion Bar warms to the touch when applied to skin. It absorbs quickly and is not greasy. The bar can be kept open in a dish. We do recommend storing the bar in our tins or covered container if you have pets. (It will not harm them but does make for a very expensive treat!) Before bed I scrape some off with the back of my fingernail and rub balm into my cuticles and heels. Soft to the touch and pain free the next morning.

Our formula of only five pure ingredients is an all natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic.

   Alana’s Alaskan Solid Lotion Bars are poured, sealed and wrapped by hand. Can be refrigerated to reform or can be frozen.

 INGREDIENTS:  Beeswax, Shea  butter,  Coconut oil, Avocado oil & Olive oil.         


       Our beeswax is personally filtered thereby retaining the natural antiseptic healing properties and the sweet scent of honey.

   “Hello again from Kenai,I  shared with  them how my sunburn is better over  night.  Also our kids have had mosquito  & no-seeum bites this summer, Alana’s  lotion bar has worked wonderfully!  The  cucumber scent has a light & clean  smell - I just love that!”                  Take care, Rhonda                    

   “First of all, our family loves your  lotion bar! We recommend it all the  time & in addition to using it in our  family I have given it as gifts. I have  taken the last bit of our lotion for just  my youngest daughter's use. She has  eczema & your lotion is the 1 product  that has helped her with the exception  of prescription creams.  I don't want to  use steroid creams on her for obvious  reasons. Not only does your lotion heal  her eczema it has prevented new  outbreaks.” Thank you, Ingrid

   “My main purpose in writing to tell  you how much I LOVE the cucumber  pear lotion bar – or,  I should say,  healing bar.   I have been plagued with  eczema and topical dermatitis for many  years, and have used every cream – Rx  and otherwise – to no avail.   This  wonderful bar is just that – wonderful.  My hands have not felt this  good in  many years.” Thank you,    Miriam

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Tangerine Cranberry Lotion Bar Tin 3 oz.

$ 15.00

Man Bar  Lotion Bar Tin 3 oz.

$ 15.00

Tangerine Cranberry solid lotion skin repair tin Man Bar solid lotion skin repair tin

$ 15.00

Jasmine  Lotion Bar Tin 3 oz.

Jasmine solid lotion skin repair tin

$ 15.00

Lemongrass Coconut Lotion Bar Tin 3 oz.

$ 15.00

Citrus  Lotion Bar Tin 3 oz.

$ 15.00

Cucumber Pear Lotion Bar Tin 3 oz.

$ 15.00

 Unscented  Lotion  Bar Tin 3 oz.

Lemongrass/Coconut solid lotion skin repair tin Cucunber/Pear solid lotion skin repair tin Unscented solid lotion skin repair tin Citrus Fresh solid lotion skin repair tin Alana's Solid Lotion Bar softens to the touch Alana's Solid Lotion Bar easy to apply to affected areas Alana's Solid Lotion Bar leaves skin soft & smooth

 Solid lotion bar will not dry out if left uncovered

    HEALS Cracked feet, Fingers, Elbows,     Lips ...Lotion absorbs quickly Not     Greasy  ...Carry on airplane...

   RELIEVES Dry itchy skin, Eczema,    Rashes, Blisters, Psoriasis, Plant    irritations, Sunburn, Burns, Bug bites...

Tin with 3 oz. Lotion Bar


NOTE* We have changed the names on few

of our products the scent is the same for

Tangerine Cream to Tangerine Cranberry

LemonBlast Coconut to Lemongrass Coconut

Citrus Fresh to Citrus and

Jazziness to Jasmine

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