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Alana’s .50 roll-ups are a perfect fit for your purse, truck or car, tackle or tool box and make a great gift for nurses, teachers, hunters, teenagers…

  Alana’s Alaskan Solid Lotion Skin Repair Our new flat containers won’t roll off the counter and get lost, fit into any pocket and when swimming in fresh, pool or saltwater you can tuck them into your suit…water will not damage product. These little life savers are fantastic for windburn, sunburn, bug bites, cold sores, chapped lips, tattoos and more…works fantastic to keep your skin from drying out while motorcycling, hiking, winter sports, bicycling….

A must for air travel!  

$ 9.00

Lemongrass Coconut Travel Size .50 oz. Roll-up Tube

Mango - Travel Size .50 oz. Roll-up Tube

$ 9.00

Unscented - Travel Size .50 oz. Roll-up Tube

$ 9.00

$ 9.00

Vanilla -Travel Size .50 oz. Roll-up Tube

Lemon/Coconut Travel Size Unscented Travel Size Mango Travel Size Vanilla Travel Size

.50 Medium Roll-ups

Travel Size  


    INGREDIENTS Beeswax, Shea butter,      Coconut oil, Avocado & Olive oil.

We personally filter our beeswax thereby retaining the natural antiseptic healing properties and the sweet scent of honey.

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   “We started using my vanilla tube  immediately on the scads of  mosquito and sand flea bites that  we got in spite of using repellant.  I swear that they love deet....I  can't say enough about your  product. Itching stops immediately  and the bites, which often last for  days, seem to disappear  immediately! I just ordered tubes  for my nieces and sisters, etc. My  daughter who is a vegan, will love  your product because it has only 5  clearly stated ingredients. Thanks  for making such a wonderful  product!”  Thank You, Alice


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    HEALS Cracked feet, Fingers, Elbows,     Lips ...Lotion absorbs quickly Not     Greasy  ...Carry on airplane...

   RELIEVES Dry itchy skin, Eczema,    Rashes, Blisters, Psoriasis, Plant    irritations, Sunburn, Burns, Bug bites...

Mint - Travel Size .50 oz. Roll-up Tube

Mint - Travel Size .50 oz. Roll-up Tube

$ 9.00



All Natural


Cool Mint