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$ 13.00

Lemongrass Coconut Bar 3oz.

Cucumber Pear Bar 3 oz.

$ 13.00

$ 13.00

Citrus Bar 3 oz.

Lemongrass/Coconut solid lotion skin repair bar Citrus Fresh solid lotion skin repair bar Cucunber/Pear solid lotion skin repair bar

Unscented Bar 3 oz.

$ 13.00

Unscented solid lotion skin repair bar

Man Bar Unscented 3 oz.

$ 13.00

Jasmine Bar 3 oz.

$ 13.00

$ 13.00

Tangerine Cranberry Bar 3 oz.

Tangerine Cranberry solid lotion skin repair bar Man Bar solid lotion skin repair bar Jasmine solid lotion skin repair bar Alana's Solid Lotion Bar softens to the touch Alana's Solid Lotion Bar easy to apply to affected areas Alana's Solid Lotion Bar leaves skin soft & smooth

 Solid lotion bar will not dry out if left uncovered

  “For a long time I’ve had yeast-fueled dermatitis that has been extremely difficult to control. The perfect recipe of Alana’s lotion bar has eliminated the need for prescription creme's and my skin has returned to its healthy glow and condition. I am so grateful for that. But even better than that is the unexpected benefit of using the lotion bar on my knees. It wasn’t long after I began treating the dermatitis rashes on my knees, that the pain resulting from a damaged meniscus was reduced to almost nothing. Even though the surgeon indicated it was time for knee replacement, both knees have been so flexible and pain free, I am putting off surgery indefinitely. The unanticipated anti-inflammatory nature of the lotion is a miracle to me!”  

 Thank You!…Judith

   “While I was on vacation in Alaska I  stopped in the Albino Hare to view the  art gallery. While there I tried just a  small sample of Alana’s Alaskan lotion  bar on my hands. For over a decade I  have suffered from painfully chapped  and cracked knuckles year round. I  have tried all types of lotions in stores  and none have worked. About an hour  after leaving the Albino Hare I noticed  that my knuckles started to heal. The  gray scabbing started turning pinkish  and stopped hurting. A week later my  knuckles were completely healed. It’s  been one month after trying just one  small sample of Alaskan Lotion and my  hands are still healed.”

  Thanks, Chuck

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Alana’s Alaskan Solid Lotion Skin Repair Bar warms to the touch when applied to skin. It absorbs quickly and is not greasy. The bar can be kept open in a dish or purchased as a refill for our 3 ounce tins. We do recommend keeping in a covered container if you have pets. (It will not harm them but does make for a very expensive treat!) Before bed I often scrape some off with the back of my fingernail and rub balm into my cuticles….soft to the touch and pain free the next morning.  Our formula of only five pure ingredients is an all natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic.

   Alana’s Alaskan Solid Lotion Bars are poured, sealed and wrapped by hand. Can be refrigerated to reform or frozen.

Solid 3 oz. Lotion Bars

    HEALS Cracked feet, Fingers, Elbows,     Lips ...Lotion absorbs quickly Not     Greasy  ...Carry on airplane...

   RELIEVES Dry itchy skin, Eczema,    Rashes, Blisters, Psoriasis, Plant    irritations, Sunburn, Burns, Bug bites...

NOTE* We have changed the names on few

of our products the scent is the same for

Tangerine Cream to Tangerine Cranberry

LemonBlast Coconut to Lemongrass Coconut

Citrus Fresh to Citrus and

Jazziness to Jasmine

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