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Alana's Alaskan Solid Lotion Bar Large Rollups
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Unscented - Large 2.5 oz. Roll-up Tube

$ 14.00

$ 14.00

Citrus -  Large 2.5 oz. Roll-up Tube

Alana's Foot Balm  “Unscented” Large 2.5 oz. Roll-up Tube

$ 14.00

$ 14.00

Man Bar (unscented) - Large 2.5 oz. Roll-up Tube

Jasmine - Large 2.5 oz. Roll-up Tube

$ 14.00

$ 14.00

Tangerine Cranberry Large 2.5 oz. Roll-up Tube

$ 14.00

Lemongrass Coconut Large 2.5 oz. Roll-up Tube

$ 14.00

Cucumber Pear Large 2.5 oz. Roll-up Tube

Jasmine roll-up 2.5 oz. Mango roll-up 2.5 oz. Lemongrass/Coconut roll-up 2.5 oz. Cucumber/Pear roll-up 2.5 oz. Foot Balm roll-up 2.5 oz. Citrus roll-up 2.5 oz. Tangerine Cranberry roll-up 2.5 oz. Man Bar roll-up 2.5 oz. Unscented roll-up 2.5 oz.

2.5 oz. Roll-up Tubes

Solid Lotion Skin Repair


   “I just placed my third or fourth order for your lotion bars. I can't say enough good things about them. I've always had "funky" skin: dry, red, cracked, peeling, sensitive, you name it. In the past few years I've had much difficulty with various dry skin problems. I went to the dermatologist. Some prescriptions helped, but nothing seemed to fix my dry and cracked fingers. I'd spend my days at work (I'm a teacher) with band-aids on my fingers to try and stop the cracking and pain. My fingers were so bad, on a trip to Immigration to get fingerprinted so I could adopt a child, I was turned away. They took one look at my hands and wouldn't even attempt to get a digital fingerprint. I spent two weeks with my hands in gloves, band aids, away from water...anything to get them ready for fingerprinting. Two weeks later I was able to be fingerprinted, but my problem wasn't solved.”

   “One day a friend suggested a lotion bar that she had bought in Alaska years ago. She had one left and gave it to me. In a matter of hours, my fingers were better. In about a day or two, my hands were "normal," something they hadn't been in years. I couldn't believe it. It's been over a year now of using your bars, and I haven't had a cracked finger since. I keep one bar by my bed, a roll-up bar in my purse, and another roll-up bar at school (I get quite a few stares from the sixth graders who think I'm putting deodorant on my hands...I explained, of course.) I'm never without one in close reach!”

  Well, I'm eagerly awaiting my next  shipment.  

  Thank you for a great product!


  Modesto, CA


   Alana’s Alaskan Solid Lotion Skin Repair is poured, sealed and wrapped by hand. Can be refrigerated or frozen.  

Alana’s Alaskan Solid Lotion Skin Repair roll-up tubes come in 3 different sizes and 9 different scents. Our 2.5 oz. larger roll-up is a great size to throw in your back pack.      

      INGREDIENTS Beeswax, Shea butter,           Coconut oil, Avocado & Olive oil.

We personally filter our beeswax thereby retaining the natural antiseptic healing properties and the sweet scent of honey.

Alana’s Alaskan Lotion Bar is great for cracked heals and feet



Diabetic Friendly

  Doctor recommended…Family owned and  operated…Made & packaged in America

    HEALS Cracked feet, Fingers, Elbows,     Lips ...Lotion absorbs quickly Not     Greasy  ...Carry on airplane...

   RELIEVES Dry itchy skin, Eczema,    Rashes, Blisters, Psoriasis, Plant    irritations, Sunburn, Burns, Bug bites...


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Mango - Large 2.5 oz. Roll-up Tube

$ 14.00

Alana's Cool Mint Foot Balm Large 2.5 oz. Roll-up Tube

Alana's Cool Mint Foot Balm Large 2.5 oz. Roll-up Tube

$ 14.00



All Natural


Cool Mint