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    “For years I have suffered from psoriasis on   my eyelids. I tried everything, including   messy prescription creams from   dermatologists, general practitioners, and   even my gynecologist. I had given up. My   mother also had dry skin problems. This year,   my mother went to the Iditarod and   purchased a bar of your Alana’s Alaskan   Lotion Bar. She immediately got relief from   her dry skin. For the past two weeks, I was   on  a cruise with my mother. She noticed how   red  and dry the areas were around my eyes.   She  encouraged (or should I say insisted)   that I  try your Healing Lotion Bar. Since I   couldn't  get away from her, I relented. She   told me to  apply to my affected areas   repeatedly. I was  skeptical. Wow! It worked   fantastic! It was  not messy to use and didn't   sting my eyes  (like the prescription creams).   It also did not  make the redness/flakiness c   condition worse  as my skin repaired   itself.”..... Shirley

   “Hello, I recently tried the Alana’s Alaskan   Lotion Bar and fell in love.  My skin,   especially  my hands and feet are so dry.  I   am a nurse a  and my hands are in water or   alcohol based  cleansers most of the time.  I   was introduced  to the lotion at a 4th of July   barbeque.  My  feet are actually softer and   are looking better  in one week.  I also have   eczema.  This is my  new best friend :-)   Thank you for the product  and please answer   at your earliest  convenience. Thank you”.....                                               Cynthia

    “Please send me your WONDERFUL   product!!! My folks were on an Alaskan cruise   back in August and brought this back for me   and my eczema problem!  It is the best thing   I have found!  I'm almost done with the   strawberry scented bar so I'll try a different   one and I need some unscented ones for the   men! Please ship ASAP!”....Kim

   “I bought a alaskan lotion bar in Talkeetna   this past summer, but it was in a tube that   twists up.  I want more of them because we   use it for  everything! It keeps my face from   breaking out (better than Jason brand natural   vitamin E cream!) and controls my son's   rampant chapped lips! Do you sell the twist-   up kind anywhere in Anchorage?
   Thanks for your help”..... Rebecca

     “Again Thank You for the only product that   I  have found in 68 years that prevents   painful,  bleeding cracks in   fingers”.....Adrienne Kaufmann

   “I bought a bar of the "Alana's Alaskan   Healing Lotion Bar" at a local health food   store to try on my son's eczema...and various   other things. I have been very pleased with   it.  It seems to be, so far, the only product   that I  can use on him, that doesn't seem to   irritate  his skin. I have also used it on my   daughter's  mosquito bites. Normally, when   she gets  bitten, the area swells up and   itches for days,  but when I used this lotion   bar, the area did  not swell, and had very   little itching”.....                                                    Jennifer

   “Hello! I am a user of your Alana’s Alaskan   lotion bar and love it. I picked it up at Dr. De   Shazo's. I work up on the slope and a few   people have tried it and loved it. It seems to   be the only thing that keeps our hands from   chapping.” (Our lined gloves dry our hands   out  severely).....Robyn

   “My dad has been using your Alana's Alaskan   Lotion Bar for his psoriasis and says it works   well. We live in Montana and were wondering   if you sell it in this area.  Thank you for your   assistance with this information…..Kerensa

   “I have tried your bar and without a doubt it   is one of the best products on the market. I   now have purchased 6 bars over the last few   months, as gifts and for myself.  It  truly is   everything the package claims and more.   What are your wholesale amounts?  # of   bars I have to buy. They would make great   additions to my presentations to the   boutiques I sell to.. I design and make   jewelry. You have a great product”.....Kat

     “While I was on vacation in Alaska I   stopped in the Albino Hare to view the art   gallery. While there I tried just a small   sample of lotion on my hands. For over a   decade I have suffered from painfully   chapped and cracked knuckles year round. I   have tried all types of lotions in stores and   none have worked. About an hour after   leaving the Albino Hare I noticed that my   knuckles started to heal. The gray scabbing   started turning pinkish and stopped hurting.   A week later my knuckles were completely   healed. It’s been one month after trying just   one small sample of Alaskan Lotion Bar  and   my hands are still healed”....Chuck


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