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Kugi - The Albino Snowshoe Hare - Baby 1
Kugi - The Albino Snowshoe Hare - Baby 2
Kugi - The Albino Snowshoe Hare
Kugi - The Albino Snowshoe Hare
Kugi - The Albino Snowshoe Hare - Baby 3



 Kugi is the name and story of a very special Hare… Albino Alaskan Snowshoe Hare. On an early morning stroll, my husband glimpsed out of the corner of his eye a small white ball of fuzz about the size of a chicken egg. It looked like a tiny discarded stuffed animal and was in the same spot our son’s dog, Teddy, was killed two weeks prior. Bill picked her up and even though she had no milk belly she was a feisty little baby so we called her Kugo…..later changing it to “Kugi Koo”. Two days later Bill found a little brown bunny near the same spot. Everyone thought they were rabbits but I always suspected Kugi was an Albino Hare because of how tiny they were at a few days old. (Hares are born with a full coat of hair and eyes wide open and within the hour they all hop away from the nest to different sites until around midnight when they all come back to nurse. Bunny rabbits are  born hairless and blind for a few weeks and stay with the mom in the nest.). Sylva has always been were collector of antique rabbits and hare “anything’s”. From the morning I awoke to a gossamer white puff with enchanting red eyes, I knew our lives would never be the same. Katy, Bill’s old black lab, was very much in love with Teddy and mourned his loss, but befriended Kugi from that day on. Kugi laid in all the same spots as Teddy and every morning would come out from her house and give Katy a nose kiss and lay with her. She would chew toast into heart shapes, eat at the table with us from her stool, watch animal shows on TV(Teddy loved to watch them) and had six baby hares. We released her babies, when weaned, into the wild. Kugi and her brother Brownie or “Snooks” lived in our home for five years. (Hares life expectancy is usually one year in the wild and three in captivity). Kugi taught me true love, patience, and gave us friendship and a lifetime of endearing memories in her short five years as a part of our family. Her spirit continues as a nepenthe for all ills and tears, and still inspires much of my creativeness to this day……………. In addition to the note cards and art prints of Kugi several books will be forth coming……………………   



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